Hailed as “the most addicting salsa in the world,” this is what started it all. the flavors bring a flare that creates a craving for more, to explore what could be.  You’ll ask yourself questions you can’t answer, but you know that you’ll always be alright, as you take bite after bite after bite...

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Our second round salsa is for those that like a challenge, that hustle and never live up.  The one-two punch of garlic and cilantro will remind you that you’re tougher than you think and that you can create anything you want.  You have to fight for what you love and our flavors will make your tastebuds dance in the ring of dreams...

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Life's a crazy dance floor of dreams and can drive you wild.  Let our flavors put a pep in your step and sweeten up your moves - it's time to dance your a** off!

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From smooth avocado to spicy peppers, our flavors reflect the feelings we experience everyday.  We all say we wanna go for it, but instead we stay comfortable and cozy, letting someone else dip in front of us.  The present is here, it’s real and right now - so what’s it gonna be?

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They’re as beautiful as coconut beaches and bold as sun-soaked blueberries - we’ve brought them all together just for you, so sit back and enjoy our first fantasy flavor™!

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