Thank you for contacting the PEOPLE  PROJECT™ team about leading a group action.  We are excited to see you change the world.  Below you will find general guidelines for a Group Action, a how-to for organizing an action.


Before we go further, all monies donated and proceeds of PEOPLE PROJECT™ sales goes to our partner Hunger Free America.



A Group Action is when one or more people decide to create a project as part of the PEOPLE  PROJECT™.  A group action uses 5 or more portraits (of  different  people) to convey a message of a cause that you are passionate about.  The portraits will be printed as t-shirts and worn at a location of your choice.


The group leaders are responsible for organizing the project, being in touch regularly with the PEOPLE PROJECT™ team, and mobilizing  people to participate in their group action.  Group leaders can collect and share the personal stories behind each portrait, spread their  message over social networks, attract media attention, and create video content to strengthen their statement, if they so choose.


Raise awareness

Draw attention to a cause

Advocate change

Start a conversation

Create impact

Strengthen your community

Stand up for what you believe in


With PEOPLE PROJECT™ t-shirts, a great location, and a strong statement, you can create something both beautiful and powerful!



Think about why you want to be a part of the PEOPLE PROJECT™.   Is your group action an expression of the unheard voices from your community?  What story do you want to tell?  Who do you know and have access to?  Who are the people you want your project to  represent?  What do you want the t-shirts to stand for?  Try to summarize your goal in a statement that will give your action a larger purpose.



  • Find Participants!

Use word-of-mouth, social media, and local bulletins to share your project and find people who want to help, or either by having their portrait taken.

  • Figure out how many portraits you want to take

This depends on how many subjects you have to photograph.  Note: Some of the most moving actions we have seen have been small, with only a handful of t-shirts.  Sometimes less is more!  If you want to do a larger project, you will need more time, resources, and planning.  We will support you either way!

  • Find a public location to wear your t-shirts

From public parks to city centers to unique locations, there are many ways to make your statement.  Work with your community to get access to these locations and share your intentions with them.  Another option that has worked for some groups is to march in them in a public space and document the event with photographs. 

  • Gather portraits from participants

You can ask people to take their own portraits or find photographers to help take portraits.  Portraits do not have to be professional quality, as long as they are over 1MB in size at 100 dpi and capture the person's face.

Some things that don’t count as faces are: pets, backs of heads, groups of people, and inanimate objects.


Need some inspiration?  Here are some examples of portraits that we love!


TIP: The best portraits are expressive, emotional, and captivating.  They are more than pictures of smiling faces; they seem to reflect the personality and story behind the face. 

  1. Try to gather personal statements in addition to the names of your models.  This is optional.  Their stories can be very succinct or quite long, as you wish.  It can be a sentence that recalls your action statement or a personal paragraph.  It is up to you!
  2. Get authorization from the people in the portraits.  If you are taking photos of others, they must give you permission to upload their picture to the site as well as wear their portrait publicly.  You can have subjects sign release forms, available on the website.  If participants are under the age of 18, have the parent or guardian sign for them.
  3. Send all final signed forms, documents and photos to We suggest that you send via a “DROPBOX" link.  You will be asked to name the group, and provide the group statement and the action location.  If you are having any issues, get in touch with us at and we will gladly assist you.


Please format the file names of your portraits like the following: city_country_groupleader_participantsnames.jpg (or .TIF)

Examples: Paris_France_JohnSmith_JaneMiller.jpg DO NOT USE

Spaces; use “_” instead

Dot or foreign characters (like ç é à ü) No .PNG files, please


  1. Once the portraits are uploaded and approved, you will receive a link that will lead you to a PayPal account we are using to collect donations.  The amount is $50 USD per participant, which approximately covers design, production, time, a jar of salsa and shipping costs.             
  2. Provide us with your mailing address.  We ship all the t-shirts and equal amount of jars of salsa for your group to this address.  Please make sure this address is correct!  We cannot be held responsible for shipping errors.
  3. Organize the action.  Gather all the people in your group and schedule a time and to get together to share your project with your city and the world!
  4. Document the public exhibitions.  Make sure at least one person is taking pictures of your group wearing all the t-shirts in the highest resolution possible.  You may also record video.  You can then upload the photos, copies of articles talking about your action, a link for your video on YouTube or Vimeo, and press links to the website and share your project with the world!

When you are finished with your action, please email us with the following information (we suggest sending everything via a “DROPBOX” link):

  1. High Resolution photographs of your t-shirts in the street.  These are the most important images of your action as they will travel the world and spread your group’s message.
  2. Any press links / PDFs that were published about your action.
  3. Video files or YouTube links that we can share.

Are you ready to be a group leader?


For more, check out the PEOPLE PROJECT™ at and our social accounts @datgcartel!





As a participant in THE PEOPLE PROJECT™, you are helping DREAMS AREN’T THIS GOOD (DATG) change the world: to create a movement in which people stand up for what they care about by contributing to a large-scale, participatory project.  By offering your own photo and personal statement, you are vested in realizing DATG’s wish and sharing the PEOPLE PROJECT™ with your community.

Please follow these rules on your website, promotional materials, press releases, emails, and any press interviews.

It is a PEOPLE PROJECT™ group action -- not DATG:

To avoid confusion with the DATG brand, it is critically important to make clear that your action/event is independently organized as a “PEOPLE PROJECT Group Action.”  You can be your own spokesperson, but you cannot speak on behalf DATG.  Please don't say "DATG is coming to [city name]."  Do not say your action/event is “organized by DATG” or  "sponsored by DATG” or is an “official DATG event.”  Any journalist seeking comment should contact

Press page for journalists: Ask local journalists to visit your website's media section (if you have created your own website).  Provide them with the URL to the PEOPLE PROJECT™ for detailed information.

Press releases: Interviews: If you are interviewed for broadcast TV or radio, clearly state, at the very start of the segment, that your action/event is independently organized, and that you are participating in the PEOPLE PROJECT™.

Interview requests for DATG staff: Route requests for interviews to

Having media attend your PEOPLE PROJECT action/event: we recommend you to keep the number of journalists to a minimum, so you can focus on your action instead of having to deal with the journalists.  Only invite media you know personally.  If media attends, please abide by the above rules, never serving as a spokesperson for DATG.

Press Releases: All press releases must be approved by DATG media liaison, who can be reached through the group action email of

If you wish to issue a press release about your participation in the PEOPLE PROJECT™, the following is what to include:

  • Your action/event's name -- e.g. the PEOPLE PROJECT™: we love all colors
  • Location -- be specific
  • Date and time
  • Who participated (if you wish to make this public)
  • The theme and personal statement of the community action
  • Your contact information
  • Press releases must contain the following: ABOUT THE PEOPLE PROJECT™

THE PEOPLE PROJECT™ showcases the personalities of people around the world LIVING IN THE PRESENT, we bring together MOMENTS and MEMORIES to create products that share untold stories and transform messages of personal identity into pieces that push boundaries.  These digitally uploaded images are made into t-shirts and sent back to the projectʼs group leaders, for them to wear in their own communities.

T-shirts can be worn anywhere.  These exhibitions will be documented, archived and be made available online at


THE PEOPLE PROJECT™ is a creation by DATG, the world’s first lifestyle salsa brand.  All monies donated and proceeds of PEOPLE PROJECT™ sales goes to our partner Hunger Free America.



HUNGER FREE AMERICA (formerly known as the New York City Coalition Against Hunger) is a national nonprofit group building a nonpartisan, grass-roots membership movement to enact the policies and programs needed to end domestic hunger and ensure that all American have sufficient access to nutritious food.  Our long-term goal is not just to ameliorate the problem, but also to build the people’s movement necessary to enact the economic and public policies needed to end hunger entirely.  Given that hunger drains our economy and tears at our moral and civic fabric, we know that eliminating it will boost the nation both economically and spiritually. Towards that end, we’ve adopted the motto: “Ending hunger lifts us all."





These questions get asked a lot. Here are the answers:

1. I don’t get it.  Is this an art project or something else?

The PEOPLE PROJECT™ is a movement, marketing campaign and multi-cultural community project.  It’s focused on the power of people and 
ideas to change perceptions, attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world.  It is different for every person and every project.

2. Can anyone participate in the PEOPLE PROJECT™?  Can it really be about anything?

Any important subject and any statement can be strengthened by the PEOPLE PROJECT™.  However we will not tolerate statements invoking hatred, violence, racism, or extremism of any kind.  Don’t be mean.

3. Can I use the PEOPLE PROJECT to advertise my brand, product, or organization?

You cannot use the project for any commercial purpose or to promote your product or your brand through the PEOPLE PROJECT™.  You should not use the project to promote your organization’s actions.  Even if it’s an NGO, it is the personal stories and statements that we want to highlight, not the actions of a specific organization/party.

4. Where do I wear my t-shirt?

We encourage you to wear your t-shirt everywhere - in the most publicly visible location to which you have access.  The more public the location, the better. 

5. How soon can I receive my t-shirts?  I want them now!

We know you want your t-shirts quickly!  We receive hundreds of requests and try to accommodate as many people as possible.  Please keep in mind that many groups have already requested t-shirts, so we often cannot do rush printing.  We request that you give us 3 to 4 weeks to print and ship from the time we receive your images and donation.  Once t-shirts are shipped, it can take up to 2 weeks for you to receive them, especially if you are across the world from New York City.  Please plan in advance and give us as much notice as possible when creating a timeline for your project.

6. HELP!  You shipped my t-shirts and I haven’t received them yet.  I’m freaking out.

If you need a tracking number, please contact us and we will provide you with shipping information.  If your package gets stuck in customs, contact your local post office and see if there is anything you can do.  Different countries have varying customs restrictions that unfortunately, we cannot control.  But contact us and we can help as best as we can.

7. How can I name my project?

Project names are best when they are brief and unique.  They should introduce the idea of the project, its location, and its message.