Matt "Beniteaux" Bennett

From the great state of Texas, where salsa is king, to the bright lights of the big city, he’s taking a dip into the salsa space - starting in the most unlikely of places - New York City!

Having been the founder or core team member of three previous startups, Matt has decided to take on his next venture - one that has been burning inside since his college days at LSU - with a laser-focused relentlessness. Being half dreamer, half doer, he has the uncanny ability to manifest things into reality, as if the road to success were already paved.

The ultimate connector, creator and believer in anything is possible, he maintains awareness of what he’s great at and what he’s not, bringing together top talent to execute the DATG vision.

His life experiences of travel, business and relationships paired with his passion for products and people come together here, where he leads the way to create a new type of salsa brand!

Lyndi Munguia

I’ve always had a creative mind even when I was very young. While it took a long while and many hurdles to find my passion, the only way to describe it is… an accumulation of my life experiences, learning my craft along the way and watching it transcend through every new project.

Design changes like fashion so it is incredibly important to stay on top of the ever changing styles.

And QUIT, never part of the conversation.

Jorge Munguia

I have been working as a designer since the mid to late nineties.  I specialize in Photography and Digital Composites as well as Graphic Design. Imagery and visuals are key ingredients for any project, but it’s in the quality of these ingredients that propels a project to either fail or succeed.  My role as a designer is not to just deliver what you think you might need, but also to inform you and elevate your need to a higher standard to deliver and surpass your expectations. Now my role as an artist and passion for creative visuals will explore different possible solutions, to elevate your project or product to deliver positively unexpected results.