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We're bringing you the city that never sleeps, where culture breathes life to create, that birthed hip-hop music, where style is second to none, that inspires you to aspire and where dreams are made... our blueberry coconut and chipotle mango salsas will transport you to the best city in the world! 

☁️ focus on flavors, not heat levels

☁️ freshest "clean-label + shelf-stable" salsa on the market

☁️ $.05 donated per jar sold

☁️ gluten free, dairy free, nut free, no preservatives, vegan [* blueberry coconut contains nuts]

☁️ ingredients: see product pics

☁️ flavor names inspired by the songs Girls Girls Girls by Wyclef Jean + My Type by The Chainsmokers

☁️ best enjoyed with our DREAMS AREN'T THIS GOOD tortilla chips

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