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Life’s a crazy dance floor of dreams and can drive you wild.  Let our flavors put a pep in your step and sweeten up your moves - it’s time to dance your a** off!

☁️ bold sweetness of pineapple balanced with a little spice of jalapeno
☁️ focus on flavors, not heat levels
☁️ freshest "clean-label + shelf-stable" salsa on the market
☁️ $.05 donated per jar sold goes to official flavor partner @lgbtcenternyc
☁️ gluten free, dairy free, nut free, no preservatives, vegan
☁️ ingredients: pineapple, diced tomato [tomatoes, tomato juice], jalapeno pepper, vinegar, filtered water, salt, dried garlic
☁️ flavor color inspired by the NYC N/Q/R/W trains
☁️ flavor name inspired by the song Just Dance by Lady Gaga
☁️ best enjoyed with our DREAMS AREN'T THIS GOOD tortilla chips
☁️ 9 oz jars
☁️ free shipping

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