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My parents got divorced when I was 2. I grew up thinking it was normal for kids to see their dads only on the weekends. Being a split family my parents always made it work though. In middle school I was an average student who talked to everything. Bubbly, friendly, and would hardly shut up. I got my first job when I was 14 bussing tables: it was a restaurant on the lake and was seasonal. I then quickly had to deal with how addiction first hand effects people. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how someone can lie, steal, and not care when they mean so much to you. We were learning about drug addiction in Heath class. So, I would stay after class and speak to my teacher on how to cope/learn with having one of my siblings under my roof going through this. Fast forward to high school, I would be great at a couple of classes then terrible at the rest. I wasn’t a good test taker to boot. I became numb to what was happening on and off in my household. My siblings were in and out of rehab, and kept getting kicked out for not staying clean. It was broken promises after broken promises. He even broke in at one point. I just wanted to get the f**k out. I always wanted to move to NY. My dad will tell you, since I’ve been 3, I always said I wanted to move to NY. I graduated class of 09. I did 3 and half semesters at Community College. I didn’t even know what I wanted to go for. My financial aid ran out in the middle of the third semester. I said screw it, I’m out. My best friend had already moved to the Bronx. I got a job working at night club called PACHA. I was 20. I worked their merchandise booth doing sales. It was my first job in the city and I was ecstatic! I also got to talk to people the whole time! I then moved towards working all over the hospitality industry from ages 21-28. In my early 20s I was partying a lot also and never really applied/thought about other fields. I was with my boyfriend [now ex fiancé] of 6 1/2 years [20-26 1/2] who had my future life figured out [to his world] I had lost a sense of independence and confidence while I was with him. My future life consisted of getting married, getting pregnant, and not working. So I kept working at jobs that I knew were in the hospitality field and never branched out. I worked at bars with nachos. The Barclays Center. At high end establishments with A-list clientele, and bartending late night bars—high volume events. I worked on a rooftop, literally you name it, I’ve probably done it. I always secretly wanted to get out of the restaurants. I’ve always craved the 9-5 more corporate life than nightlife. I wanted something more concrete and set. I just always felt like I was built for something more. I wanted to use all of my skills on a larger platform. COVID happened. When COVID died down a little I ended up getting a job as a sales rep for a Greek food company. I enjoyed my new found field and I was good at it! I did not agree with the way the company was run or how some of my team was treated. I know “corporate” is “corporate” but it’s hard to witness things or have gut feelings that can’t be ignored. I resigned after a little over 9 months. I went back to the restaurant full time to cover the gap of getting a new job in the field I just discovered. I now currently work for a different food company where the creator is genuine and cares about his team. My now boyfriend motivates me to be the best of my original ability, always supports me, and says the word CAN’T isn’t in my vocabulary. I am truly grateful for everyone who influenced me, cared for me, and taught me along the way. I believe in taking time to find yourself, see what motivates you, and what makes you happy. I am filled with glee that I never lost my joy. After all I’ve been through (this only scratches the surface) I never lost my glass half full mentality. My ability to naturally see the good in people or making my own happiness. What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger, what heals us should make us kinder. Always believe in yourself and don’t be the one that breaks your own promises.
[My siblings are doing fantastic FYI]

Don’t let anything take the light from behind your eyes.  - @jaqattack03


Walk Out Song - Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

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☁️ soft cotton-feel fabric face
☁️ brushed fleece fabric inside
☁️ double-lined hood with drawstrings
☁️ overlock seams

care instructions
☁️ must be machine-washed cold, delicate cycle is best
☁️ turn garment inside out, ideally wash by itself [or with like colors if needed]
☁️ ironed on low heat [if needed], DO NOT iron on print
☁️ best to air dry or low tumble-dry by itself [if needed]
☁️ DO NOT dry-clean

☁️ DO NOT bleach