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As the weather heats up, we all dream of sand between our toes, the hot sun on our skin, the tropical scents of surf, the sexy swimsuits and… our jalapeño pineapple and blueberry coconut salsas will bring you straight to the beach… it’s Summer in a Jar!

☁️ focus on flavors, not heat levels
☁️ freshest "clean-label + shelf-stable" salsa on the market
☁️ $.05 donated per jar sold
☁️  gluten free, dairy free, nut free, no preservatives, vegan [* blueberrry coconut contains nuts: coconut]
☁️  ingredients: see product pics
☁️  flavor names inspired by the songs Just Dance by Lady Gaga + Girls Girls Girls by Wyclef Jean
☁️  best enjoyed with our DREAMS AREN'T THIS GOOD tortilla chips