In the ever-lasting words of the late Brooklyn born hip-hop star, the Notorious B.I.G, “it was all a dream…”  While I’ve never read Word Up Magazine, I 100% agree.
See, I used to always be chasing it, never really stopping, always going after what’s next - this “impossible dream."  I’d give everything to have it, feel it, live it.  I’d break down emotionally and physically, pushing myself further than I thought possible.  I’d do amazing things that I never imagined, all for this “future thing" (that I would never quite catch, and still haven't)…  Trust me, it’s all been worth it as I am so thankful for all the opportunities that I’ve created, people I’ve met, places I’ve seen and the things I’ve experienced!  Everything has led me right here…right now.
You might be a little confused, especially if you know me.  So, up until this point I’ve simply had to experience life to learn that I love to push boundaries (I believe I can create anything I choose to focus on), that I am always asking questions, especially “why,” not “how" (always curious and purpose driven) and that I still absolutely believe in chasing your dreams (although my perspective has shifted over the past couple years).
From non-stop selfies making everything about “you” (I mean I love a good selfie/story from others, but c’mon, toss some other people, places or things in the mix every now and then) to everyone, everywhere craving immediate gratification on everything, I believe there’s a huge problem in the world right now where too many people are focused on the dream v. the present. 
For me, I have realized that when I’m focused on the former, the latter is never truly experienced.  I’m often left “wanting more.”  
Now, I’m not ultimately trying to change the trajectory of where the world is heading with my sharing here, as it’s inevitable that as we move along in this journey that everything is and will become even more instant (if that’s possible) - from shopping to social media to even sex.  For years I’ve said “you’re always right where you’re supposed to be,” so I am simply suggesting that I/we continue to be more mindful of what’s happening right now, right in front of you!
I will never stop creating, connecting and being open to life changing experiences - as we only get one of these (reminder to everyone)!  As I move forward, I look at life through a different lens these days, one that sometimes needs wiping of the fog (dream) to bring back the clarity of beauty happening right in front of me (present).  This is a challenge, a balance, a practice of understanding and that you can blur the lines between the two.  Ultimately, you’ll realize that it’s all the same - you’re creating it, you’re living it everyday!
Happy Birthday to myself and cheers to:
a new year
new friends (and old)
new loved ones
a new company
new experiences
living in new york city (I mean it has the word new in it…. ;)
live in the present.  capture moments.  create memories.  
DATG | dreams aren’t this good | #datg