Born on the Bayou, perfected in the Big Apple, we combine flavors of the South with the sounds and styles of the city that never sleeps.  We offer the freshest "clean-label + shelf-stable" chips and salsa on the market, create content and packaging that connects with consumers, and donate $.05 per jar/bag sold to our flavor partners.

Launched out of Brooklyn in April 2019, we have 350+ retail accounts, as well as wholesale online and DTC with companies such as Amazon, Faire and Snackmagic.  And, in mid 2021 we launched our Hops + Hospitality Partnerships.  Now with 50+ partners, it's one of the best things we do as a company, and we would love the opportunity to partner with you!





☁️ sell | chips + salsa as the perfect snack option to pair with your craft creations
☁️ offer | branded bar-top mini fridge
☁️ provide | “salsa bar” samplings to drive brand partnership and sales
☁️ throw | parties to connect our communities
☁️ show | love and stoke across social media
☁️ create | cloud collabs (custom flavored Brewery Blend salsa with your beer/brand and donate $.05 per jar sold)
☁️ offer | customers the perfect snack to partner with their suds/spirits
☁️ keep | them in the brewery/bar/building and in their seats
☁️ create | a seamless selling experience
☁️ increase | revenue per order + tips
☁️ sell | more beer/beverages



See where we're hanging with our partners!
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