Matt Bennett, founder of Dreams Aren’t This Good, steps onto the New York Launch Pod to discuss his delicious new salsa company that’s spicing up the market with fresh tasting homemade recipes and sleek modern designs.

Matt founded the company with the insight that the $1.3 billion dollar salsa industry has remained largely unchanged, even while consumer preferences for other foods has been changing drastically. By offering consumers what he describes as “the full salsa experience” through a variety of inventive flavors with “clean” ingredients, uncharacteristically eye-catching labels, and even donations to philanthropic causes Dreams Aren’t This Good has been able to gain shelf space in a market dominated by major players.

In this episode we discuss how Matt Bennett transformed a homemade recipe into a growing New York brand, what makes Dreams Aren’t This Good the most unique salsa company in stores now, and even get a sneak peek of several of their new products that will certainly change the salsa and chips experience forever.


Listen to full podast here.